Notch Peak/House Range Graphic (JPG)
The 3000 foot north face of Notch Peak is a dramatic feature on the west side of the House Range.
It is located in western Millard County, Utah, just north of US Highways 6 and 50.


The Basin And Range Wilderness in Millard County Utah is as unique in character as it is unique to all the world. If not preserved by wilderness designation it faces an uncertain future. With the ever changing political climate in our nations capitol (not to mention the climate on the planet), the future of these lands is always at risk. One of the most threatening phenomena occurring in Utah is the destruction of wilderness quality areas by both legal, and many times illegal, all terrain vehicle damage.Click here to see pictures of recent illegal ATV activity and damage. The State of Utah's policies are also adding a much greater risk for destruction of wilderness characteristics in our wild lands from gas and oil exploration. Click here to see a few photos of gas well damage and pollution in the Book Cliffs area of Utah.

In the 1990's the Utah Wilderness Coalition had volunteers out resurveying all the Utah Bureau of Land Management lands that would qualify as wilderness. In July 1998 they released the results of the many miles and hours of work which included thousands of photographs documenting the status of the lands as they were then. The American Redrock Wilderness Act reflects that updated and verified data. With the passage of the America's Red Rock Wilderness Act the Basin and Range area in western Utah would gain the preservation and protection these striking landscapes deserve.

What can you do to help in the fight for the preservation of Utah's wild lands?

1. Please contact your Senators and your states Congressional Representatives in Washington and ask them to support The America's Redrock Wilderness Act..
(Click [Here] for a link to your Senator or Representative's address and phone number.)

Photos of some of the WSAs..............Some scanned from old slides, some new digital shots.

Approaching the House Range from the east
View south past Pine Peak to the north face of Notch Peak WSA
The view north from the top of Notch Peak
The view south from Notch Peak WSA
The view from the side of Swasey Peak south.
The view from Swasey Peak north
The west side of the Howell Peak WSA
Fossil Mountain(King Top WSA)
Conger Peak WSA
Basin and Range Flora and Fauna (Best at higher resolutions)

For further information on the areas or how you can help preserve them--contact the following web sites...........

Utah Wilderness Coalition
Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance
Wilderness.Net Another fine wilderness information website
Utah Wilderness Surf Sites Fred's page and it has a bazillion great links! Check it out.
Wilderness Society Page
Conservation Colorado Another wilderness concern
The House of Representatives in Washington Direct connection to your Congress

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